These images were all created during a trip through Normandy, France while teaching a workshop there. The name of the workshop was Monet All the Way. Even though the tour was mainly for photographers, our quest was to visit a lot of the places where Monet painted with the highlight being to visit the gardens at Giverny.
We also took a trip to visit Omaha Beach and the American cemetery. It was a moving experience for all of us.
There are many more images from France that you can view in the Locations/France file located on the main menu. Many of those images can be converted to black and white.
All images are in a large file size and can be printed quite large. Please see the color images that can be accessed from the main menu under Locations. Any of those images can also be converted to black and white. I especially like the garden images printed on canvas. Let me know how I can be of service to choose some things for your space and style.
There are also several more Paris images that can be found in the City category under Locations in the drop down menu.
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